Video Ad for Social Media

A video ad for the band Rave The Reqviem made for a social media campaign. I was a part of the idea and planning for orginal the musicvideo pre-production, production and postproduction. 
I was a part of the team putting togheter the idea and concept for the social media campaigns. I was responsible for the font, text and animation in the video. 

Social Media Post

This was a short video I made for the ad agancy Innehållsbyrån Dagny for their Instagram page to introduce the staff members in a fun way. Made in After Effects and Pemier Pro. 

Instagram reel (for social media)

Reel I made for the  band Rave The Reqviem from behind the scenes footage from a video shoot. Made in the Instagram app. 

Title, Grading and Greenscreen

This was a project at the university for learning how to do grading, working with greenscreen and also editing titles. Made in Premier Pro, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. 

Motion tracking in video

In this project for the university I did the project planning, the script for the voice over, the talking (voice over) and recording for the vo. 
I was also a part of the team that chose the different stock material and also involved in how to do the acual motion tracking  in After Effects. 

Videocontent for social media

This was a video made for the instagram account "Out In The Free". I filmed the video, edited the video and did the logo.